TransTech Systems Inc.

TransTech Systems, Inc. is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to providing services, as well as developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative and robust instrumentation solutions to a wide variety of industries. TransTech Systems, Inc. was formed in 1994 to bring to the transportation construction industry new technologies. Thus, the name Transportation Technologies was selected.

TransTech was initially focused on identifying and developing new technologies for the construction industry. However, TransTech has broadened its horizon for the application of its technical base. TransTech is extending the applications of its core technologies in impedance spectroscopy and impedance tomography into such diverse industries and applications such as Buried Explosive Detection (New Product Development), and non-destructive in-process inspection for manufacturing processes.

TransTech has sought out partnerships with manufacturers, government agencies, universities and construction contractors to develop new applications for our technology and to develop new technologies. As a small company, TransTech cannot afford to maintain a large engineering development team. Therefore, as part of our corporate strategy, we seek out funding support from government and industry.

TransTech’s staff has extensive experience in securing and performing research programs for agencies such as the US Department of Transportation, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, and the National Science Foundation. These and other contract development programs have focused on the development of advanced, high-tech products that enhance productivity, increase safety, and reduce costs for construction and manufacturing industries as well as the focused efforts in advancing our technology for biomedical applications.

TransTech is a privately held company with offices in Latham, NY. For more information, contact us.